Clothing Line

Captains and Mates Clothing Line

We are excited to announce our new spring/summer clothing line. Your first shirt will be funded by the club.

If you want to purchase additional items, please call: June Krepow at:
(840) 667-6055 or (732) 842-0230
Please tell June the size, quantity and model number. (All shirts are available in white only)

The sizes for men go from S-XXL
Sizes for women go from XS –XL
They include the following:

Womens Devon & Jones

Womens Port Authority Sleeveless

Womens Izod Polo

Mens Ultra Club 8530

Mens long sleeve polo

Mens VanHeusen long sleeve

Mens M100 Harriton


CAMYC is a totally voluntary organization. We rely on active club members to contribute to the smooth functioning of the club. We encourage you to volunteer your talents and skills to make the club a better place for every member. Please don’t sit back and let everyone else do the work. It is fun to get involved and contribute to the planning/organizational activities.