My wife Barbara & I are the longest tenured active members of Captains & Mates Yacht Club. We joined about 1985 so its over 31 years. We are a bit unusual (in many ways) as members. We started in Stamford Ct. which is the original home port of the founding fathers. Over 20 years and 3 boats ago we brought our boat down to Florida for the winter except we never brought it back. A year ago we finally sold our boat and got out of boating but have never had the thought of getting out of the club. We have made and kept friends from this club for over a quarter of a century. Although out of boating we still travel to all of the fun rendezvous that the club has in many different locations. Why do we do this? We love the people, the informalities and the lack of political infighting that many clubs have. We love to party, laugh, eat and dance.

If you like to party, laugh, eat and dance then C & M Yacht Club is for you.
P.S. You need no sponsor’s, there is no voting you in, you just need to WANT to join.

Jerry Waxenberg

Jerry Waxenberg,