My wife and I have been boating in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey waters for many years and enjoy the beautiful scenery, calm waters and friendly ports of call. Although we sometimes travel with our relatives we also cruise on our own and during those trips miss the social aspects of group boating.

Several years ago during a weekend cruise to Westbrook Connecticut we met friends from our church who were there with a group called Captains and Mates Yacht Club. We were warmly welcomed by club members and invited to a social event that weekend so we could better understand the organization. We learned that Captains and Mates Yacht Club was established in 1976 with the purpose of encouraging , within a social organization, the sport of yachting. As demonstrated by the event we attended a key objective of the organization is to foster a warm, friendly atmosphere with activities related to cruising and shore activities. Our friends explained that club events include a Super Bowl Brunch, three summer weekend cruises to ports mainly in Connecticut , New York and New Jersey and a fall Change of Watch Dinner Dance. During summer cruises organized events include boating related educational seminars, day trips , competitive games and dinner dances. When we learned that Captain and Mates Yacht Club was a “virtual” organization with no expensive brick and mortar facilities requiring hefty initiation and membership fees we were convinced this group was for us.

It has been over 5 years since we joined Captain and Mates Yacht Club and during that time we have made many lasting friendships and enjoyed numerous fun activities both on and off the water. If someone is looking for a small group of friendly people who share the love of boating and like to have fun together we highly recommend Captains and Mates Yacht Club.

John & Linda Klym

John & Linda Klym,